Forest, Field & Sky: Art of out nature

Dr James Fox presented a very interesting documentary on artists that used nature to create art for BBC 4.

A quote that particularly struck me from Dr Fox was “landscape art can be difficult to find”. A few of the artworks he mentioned and quotes are noted below. These pieces are incredibly site specific.

ashdome 22 ash trees marking out 20ft wide circle david nash. “something that belonged to the place” “it gets bigger and I get older”

andy goldsworthy ephemeral works & sculptures. Tree wall was really interesting as it showed the process of the production of the work and that it wasn’t completed by the end of the programme.

Julie Brook “marking time in an elemental way” with fire stacks

Richard Long trampled grass. “A line made by walking”  “A ten mile walk” England 1968 “A walk marks time with an accumulation of footsteps.”

These were interesting works as very few people will ever see them. I suppose this is making me question the purpose of art. Is it to be shared? If the intent is always for someone to see it, shouldn’t everyone get the opportunity where possible? As someone who has had to adjust to suddenly being unable to access parts of the world I think that I am starting to become passionate about inclusion and believe that this may well become a prominent theme in my work. While some may argue that this is “banging the inclusion drum” surely this is naturally just affecting my interpretation of any other theme? For instance every place I go, I now experience as a wheelchair user and as someone who was able I am very aware of the differences in my current perspective when compared to “pre-chair”.


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