Assignment 1: Part A

Looking back at my initial response to the question “What is art?” I do not feel like my view has significantly changed. What has changed over studying this part of the course is the realisation that art and inspiration is all around us. I was surprised at the huge variety of media that can be employed as art such as sound which I had never considered using. I have also found that my view that there should be some basic appeal of a work has been challenged slightly. I still feel that the artwork needs to intrigue enough for a person to approach it however I have been surprised that works such as Duchamp’s fountain (which I felt fairly dismissive of initially) become far more interesting when you take the time to research the background.

Attending Iain White’s exhibition made me appreciate that I do not need to be able to travel extensively to produce work in response to the landscape. This is the sort of approach that I would like to bring into my own practice more as I have the most amazing scenery on my doorstep even if I cannot engage with it as fully as I would like. Studying has led me to start exploring other techniques and I intend to develop this much further. I am also intrigued by the portrayal of identity which in this case was in reference to places but much can be attributed to people too.

Flicking through my learning log, I am struck by how many different seeds of ideas are appearing already. It still feels a little unnatural to keep a sketchbook but seeing the breath of influences that are being collected is giving me plenty of enthusiasm for continuing. I am aware that I need to be more focussed on analysis of painting when I am visiting galleries. This is still a new technique which I am not yet confident of. I think it would be worth trying to attend galleries with more focus. As my energy levels are often very low, I need to channel them into specific tasks and try not to get too distracted by the huge variety of works available. I am also trying to get into the habit of writing down and/or sketching ideas for pieces as they come to me





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