Assignment 1: Reflection

I have just completed my first assignment – an essay on Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave (2001). My main concern is that my scientific background will be far too prevalent as I found it a struggle to work out how to write an essay on an artwork correctly. I tried to make sure that I covered all of the points raised such as the importance of time and place, context and my personal response. What I found hardest was working out what the balance of all these elements should be and whether I had sufficiently referred each of these topics back to the title. I look forward to receiving my feedback as it should bring some clarity for Assignment Two.

Taking a look at the assessment criteria:

  • Demonstrate subject based knowledge & understanding – I think I have comfortably discussed the historical and cultural context of the piece. I am little more uncertain as to whether I have covered sufficiently the intellectual content but I am hopefully that my tutor will be able to give me more guidance on whether I need to focus on this part more in future.
  • Demonstrate research skills – I am more confident on my research skills and have endeavoured to include a variety of primary and secondary sources. I did try not to use too many as I was mindful that this is a diagnostic exercise as much as an assignment.
  • Demonstrate critical & evaluation skills – I tried to cover this as well as possible but I am still a little uncomfortable with interpreting and reflecting on an artwork from personal viewpoint. My instinct is always to look for balance and represent opposing points of view so this may need to be amended if I need to be more definitive.
  • Communication I am hoping that the structure of my essay and written work is not too appalling in this context as I have always had a solid foundation for written work in my previous field.

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