Reflections on Assignment Two Feedback

Overall I was very happy with my feedback on this assignment as I can see there has been significant progress between assignments one and two. I still feel like I need to tweak my essay writing slightly to get the balance right and my tutor has been incredibly helpful with some clear pointers so in future I will:

  • aim to have a more structured lead in to paragraphs. This is something that on reflection I can see is obviously missing to tie the paragraphs together a little more coherently. It did feel a little awkward at times when I wrote a couple of those paragraphs and so I am glad that I decided to get my tutor’s feedback as I could have ended up making things far worse!
  • continue to work on my persuasive writing. I had a lot more fun with this essay than the first one as I felt a little more confident with expressing my own ideas. I was very happy to see that my tutor sees this as a positive move. I am keen to complete the readings on stylistics that have been recommended as this will provide a better framework for me to build ideas upon.
  • present extracts correctly! I feel a bit daft here as I had the Harvard referencing document open when I was writing my essay and for some reason decided to use the OCA course book as a guide on the extract instead. Thankfully that is simple to correct.
  • define terms. This one should be simple as I am used to doing this for technical terms but I was surprised that ‘motif’ is considered a technical term as it is a word that I would use naturally so I will need to be more careful so that I don’t get complacent in the future. Thinking about ‘motif’, I wonder if I have grown accustomed to the word from knitting patterns of all the places! The recommendation to presume a general reader is what I intend to bear in mind in future. The other thing I have just noticed is that I have managed to save the Glossary that I started at the end of Part One as a document and not as a post to keep updated so I will convert that for ease of access.

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