Assignment 3 – Re-appropriating Images Reflective Commentary

Reflections on Visual Communications (Part 3).

I found the projects on “Film Posters” and “Join the Navy” most interesting. I enjoyed the challenge of applying semiotic analysis in an attempt to understand the symbolism of images in “Join the Navy”. The “Film Posters” task was interesting as, by comparing the two posters for the same narrative, it was possible to see how society and culture has changed in the intervening 52 years.

The most difficult activity was the collage and I had to take a lot of time to think about how I wanted to tackle it. Access to newspaper images was difficult and cutting out can be hard on my hands so I adapted the task so that I could do it digitally. On reflection it is one of the most memorable tasks. Once I had the seed of an idea, the task became enjoyable as I looked for visual similarities in relevant images and focussed on composition.

I enjoyed undertaking the semiotic analysis for this assignment and was particularly interested in how meaning can change over time. I was surprised how much was signified by the original design of the European flag and how Banksy had invited the viewer to reassess whether the original connotations were still relevant today. I have tried to use appropriate references to help with the analysis and attempted to ensure that the use of these references flowed better than in my previous essays but I think this may need further practice. I have attempted to use primary sources where possible and have added secondary sources where necessary.

When I started Creative Arts Today it was my intention to follow the painting and creative writing pathways. I wanted to keep an open mind about visual communications, as, in many ways, illustration would be a more natural match with creative writing. Completing this introductory course has reaffirmed my desire to continue with painting. The semiotic analysis taught in this section was fascinating and is something I plan to use in my future courses however, despite disliking many I found the works studied in Contemporary Art far more evocative and emotive. This section of Creative Arts Today has been incredibly useful in prompting me to reflect on what I my aims are for continuing to study with the OCA. It is important to me to try to find ways of expressing myself creatively and I have found much of the visual communication we have studied to be very commercial. Throughout studying this section, I continued to feel myself drawn to painting and writing and had to exercise more self-restraint to focus on the course than I have in previous sections.

Word count: 438



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