Reflections on Assignment Two Feedback

Overall I was very happy with my feedback on this assignment as I can see there has been significant progress between assignments one and two. I still feel like I need to tweak my essay writing slightly to get the balance right and my tutor has been incredibly helpful with some clear pointers Continue reading “Reflections on Assignment Two Feedback”


Assignment 2 – Part B: Reflective Commentary

Reflecting on my progress during Creative Reading, I can see that I have made a significant step forward that was principally due to reading Roland Barthes’ ‘The Death of the Author’. Continue reading “Assignment 2 – Part B: Reflective Commentary”

Assignment 2 – Part A: Exploring the themes of time and place in Victoria Hislop’s The Island

Extract from Victoria Hislop’s The Island: 

            “Unfurled from its mooring, the rope flew through the air and sprayed the woman’s bare arms with droplets of seawater. They soon dried, and as the sun beat down on her from a cloudless sky she noticed that her skin sparkled with intricate patterns of salty crystals, like a tattoo in diamonds. Alexis was the only passenger in the small, battered boat, and as it chugged away from the quay in the direction of the lonely, unpeopled island ahead of them she shuddered, as she thought of all the men and women who had travelled there before her.

Continue reading “Assignment 2 – Part A: Exploring the themes of time and place in Victoria Hislop’s The Island”