Exercise 2: Character Archetypes

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Exercise 1 (Part 2): My Own Hero’s Journey

The second part of Exercise 1 is to create your own plot following the structure of The Hero’s Journey. I wrote this into my notebook so that I could let my mind wander. It was really enjoyable exercise as I was surprised at the turn of events within the story – it went in a totally different direction to the one I had been anticipating! Continue reading “Exercise 1 (Part 2): My Own Hero’s Journey”

Exercise 1: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

The aim of this task is to map one of our favourite novels to The Hero’s Journey. The novel I have chosen is Wild Seed by Octavia Butler (1980). My copy is part of a compilation called Seed to Harvest by Octavia Butler (2007) Grand Central Publishing.

If you haven’t read Wild Seed then I strongly urge you to track down a copy as it is brilliant. It goes without saying that beyond this point, spoilers abound!

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