Research: Fashion Photographers

In the previous post I looked at a few images from Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. In this post I am looking at the following fashion photographers as they are listed in the OCA course book:

  • Sarah Moon
  • David Lachapelle
  • Mario Testino
  • Terry Richardson

However, it should be noted that the fact that Mario Testino and Terry Richardson are both being investigated for sexual offences cannot be ignored. Articles such as this one in the Guardian Mario Testino and Bruce Weber ‘sexually exploited models’ and this one in the Independent Terry Richardson Sexual Allegations which mention that Conde Nast International (publishers of Vogue, GQ etc) have allegedly suspended or severed ties with them. I will be taking a brief look at their images for completeness but do not intend to spend too much time doing so.

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Research: Enveloping the Body

Textile selection focuses primarily on aesthetics and function (as well as cost, production possibilities and ethical and sustainability concerns)

  • Aesthetics – look, feel and how material can be manipulated.
  • Function – comfort, durability and protection.

Textile qualities that influence the garment it becomes:

  1. silhouette
  2. drape
  3. volume
  4. movement
  5. opacity and transparency
  6. colour and mood
  7. pattern
  8. decoration
  9. texture

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