Worthing “Right Now”?

Worthing has recently commissioned Ricky Also to spray paint Grafton car park and make it one of the UK’s largest artworks. The photo below on the left gives you an idea what the building looked like before and the image on the right shows the work. The artwork says ‘Right Now’ which is an anagram of Worthing.

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Interesting Works in A Room with a View Gallery Worthing

I popped into A Room with a View, an art gallery based in Worthing, to take a look at some of the contemporary art on display. Three (or rather four) artists particularly caught my eye. Continue reading “Interesting Works in A Room with a View Gallery Worthing”

Worthing Museum & Art Gallery Notes

As I am still waiting for the course materials to arrive (I admit I am probably overly keen), I decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine and visit Worthing Museum & Art Gallery. I have yet to read through the entire course document online but have looked at the first few sections. I am already aware the overriding themes of the Creative Arts Today course are “place” and “time”. Continue reading “Worthing Museum & Art Gallery Notes”