Exercise 2 – My Own Examples For Each Poetic Device

Rhyme The crimson paint stained the wood floor. So when I heard Dad open the front door, I threw a rug down To avoid Dad's frown And prayed he'd not notice with each pore. Rhythm Its testing to write a poem although You know rhythm can be helped by iambs. Repetition I have fallen, fallen … Continue reading Exercise 2 – My Own Examples For Each Poetic Device


Exercise 2 – Poetic Devices Examples

Below are example poems that I have found that make use of the various poetic devices. It was found that many poems contained many different devices. Rhyme They Should Have Asked My Husband by Pam Ayres You know this world is complicated, imperfect and oppressed And it’s not hard to feel timid, apprehensive and depressed. … Continue reading Exercise 2 – Poetic Devices Examples

Exercise 1 – Ways of Seeing and Saying

The Herefordshire Landscape by Elizabeth Barrett Browning Hills, vales, woods, netted in a silver mist, Farm, granges, doubled up among the hills, And cattle grazing in the watered vales, And cottage-chimneys smoking from the woods, And cottage-gardens smelling everywhere, Confused with smell of orchards.   To me this poem purely evokes a sense of place. … Continue reading Exercise 1 – Ways of Seeing and Saying

Exercise 2 – Character Archetypes

Examples of character archetypes and continuing the Harry Potter Universe examples: Protagonist (usually The Hero but includes Anti-Hero) Harry Potter Antagonist Voldemort Mentor Hagrid Sidekick (an Ally to the Protagonist) Ron & Hermione Shapeshifter (unsure of loyalty to Antagonist or Protagonist) Prof Snape Henchman (follows orders of Antagonist) Lucius Malfoy (tends to follow Voldemort's orders rather than just killing Harry himself) Having … Continue reading Exercise 2 – Character Archetypes