Exercise 2 – Interpreting Video Art

Sam Taylor-Wood's Still Life (2001), 35mm film, single screen projection. Initial response: The still life set of this video is strongly influenced by classical still life paintings. The colour of the background, the lighting, the wooden table and even the fruits chosen (pears, apples and peaches) seem very classical. The only item that makes it clear … Continue reading Exercise 2 – Interpreting Video Art

Exercise 4

Izabella Godlewska de Aranda, Space, Time, Motion, Green, 2010 (mixed media) 36x26 cms Credit: Space, Time, Motion, Green, 2010 (mixed media), Godlewska de Aranda, Izabella (Contemporary Artist) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images The words that came to mind when I looked at this piece are: Mark Rothko bland landscape surprising depth I admit that "bland" … Continue reading Exercise 4

Paul Klee

Paul Klee painted quite a few abstract paintings that had a strong sense of place. Opera Auditions, 1931 (gouache on paper laid down on board), 40.5 x 56cm, Klee, Paul (1879-1940) / Private Collection / Photo © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images This image is constructed of tiny dots which only seems to emphasise the … Continue reading Paul Klee