Playing with Unreliable Narrators

One of the books I came across mentioned as an example of an unreliable narrator was The Last Weekend by Blake Morrison. I managed to read this book in a day and was very cleverly done.

I have written a flash fiction piece to allow me to play with the idea Continue reading “Playing with Unreliable Narrators”


The Sound of Silence

Following on from my post Robert Frost revelation, I started to think about the poetry involved in many song lyrics and when this song performed by the band Disturbed came on I had to try to analyse why it resonates with me so much. Continue reading “The Sound of Silence”

Not A Trip Hazard

After being pushed from pillar to post trying to get the local council to repair the pavements, I decided to try out one of my ideas to highlight how bad they have become. The following may seen frivolous and a bit of fun but it underlines a serious message about making our communities accessible. It is not just wheelchair users that get caught out by raised slabs, it is children, the elderly, anyone who is unsteady on their feet (not only through inebriation) and even those who are perfectly able can be caught out. Continue reading “Not A Trip Hazard”

Books: Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art?

I picked up Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art? (2017) by Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi in the library in an attempt to demystify contemporary art. Reading through it gave me a few ideas for works of art which I have jotted down below. I liked this book as it was very accessible and unpretentious. The authors were very encouraging about just going out into the art world and questioning everything. Continue reading “Books: Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art?”