A Foray Into The Abstract

Although I have yet to start the textile section of this course, I have been experimenting with silk painting. One thing that I know that I am terrible is creating anything abstract or loosely painted. Continue reading “A Foray Into The Abstract”


Books: Pattern Magic Nakamichi, T.

I was leant Pattern Magic by Nakamichi, T. and it contains the most amazing patterns. They contain wonderful structural elements such as “craters” and 3D “lumps and bumps”. Ideas are taken from “buildings, flowers or trees in nature, tools you use every day, even a person’s face.” This book really makes me question where fashion and art cross over and combine? Some designs may be a little impractical from a wearers perspective but others contain beautiful details that would be very wearable.

Pattern Magic (2010) by Nakamichi, T.  Laurence King Publishing

Worthing Museum & Art Gallery Notes

As I am still waiting for the course materials to arrive (I admit I am probably overly keen), I decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine and visit Worthing Museum & Art Gallery. I have yet to read through the entire course document online but have looked at the first few sections. I am already aware the overriding themes of the Creative Arts Today course are “place” and “time”. Continue reading “Worthing Museum & Art Gallery Notes”