Exercise 3: Family Photos and Nostalgia

Family photos are often cited as being the possessions that people would most want to save from a house fire. Continue reading “Exercise 3: Family Photos and Nostalgia”


Exercise 2: Reflections on Using Photography to Portray Time

It is argued that the ‘mechanical’ nature of photography precludes it from being considered an art. The ability of photography to capture Cartier-Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’ makes it unique in its ability to portray intervals of time that are too short for the human eye. Does this make photography a medium uniquely suited to portraying time and the passage of time? Continue reading “Exercise 2: Reflections on Using Photography to Portray Time”

Exercise 1a: Attempts at Capturing the Decisive Moment

I have an Olympus E-400 DSLR and, even after owning it for the best part of a decade, am still learning how to use the manual settings. This section of the course is the perfect time to try to grasp at least the basics. I have made a few basic attempts at capturing movement and plan to do more research on how to gain more control over my camera. Hopefully when I have a better idea how to make my camera do what I want then I will make a second attempt at this task. Continue reading “Exercise 1a: Attempts at Capturing the Decisive Moment”